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Matrimonial issues- pre/post
Money recovery
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About alertmarshalldetective

When life gives your demanding situations, we give you solid solutions. Though times have changed and crimes have escalated, you can trust One Detective Agency to assist you in any deadlock you land. From corporate scandals, embezzlement, missing person to pre and post-marital concerns, we provide you with uncompromised professional service. We have a broad network of informants and associates in major multinational companies to aid us in all matters of investigation and legal procedures.Our influential relations facilitate the investigative process, leading to a smooth investigative procedure with minimal hiccups.

Our Services

Detective Agency

Detective agencies and private detectives are more than just fictional themes.

Corporate Investigation - under coverage/pilverge check

Many companies are on the verge of shutting down due to the unethical practices of the employees.

Matrimonial issues- pre/post

Marriage being the turning point of every individual's life, it is a wise and prudent decision to proceed

Handling fraud Investigation

From false insurance claims to imposters, we deal with an alarming number of individual and corporate fraud .

Money recovery

When it comes to the matters of money, people are willing to go to any extent to take

Bouncers/ Bodyguard

A celebrity or a layman; there are numerous reasons why you require a bouncer or bodyguard.

Tracking missing persons

A long-lost friend, family member or even a person who ghosted you; there might be a number of people

Assests information

We can verify individual and corporate assets through our elaborate network and legal contacts.